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It is a challenge for steel plates suppliers and exporters to offer a price in 2016 due to the changeable markets. It is known to us that steel price has dropped to the freezing point from 2014 to now. Taking  stainless steel plate price for example, we offered a price and reached a cooperation. However, the day before we signed the contract, we got a call from factory that we had to pay 1000 yuan more per ton steel. It was almost 10,000 yuan more than the price we offered the price because the rising price of nickel. When we told the bad news to our customer in Egypt, it was no doubt that he ended the cooperation. It is not an individual case in 2016, and we have to explain to customers again and again.

Stainless Steel Sheet Price from Reliable Suppliers

Mechanical Properties of Stainless Steel 304
  Tensile strength min Yield Strength min Elongation min Hardness Max
304 75 ksi 30 ksi 40% 95HRB
304L 70 ksi 25 ksi 40% 95HRB
304H 75 ksi 30 ksi 40% 95HRB

It is true that who bought steel plates and tubes from us in 2016 save a a lot investment. You have to admit that early order, better time and lower price. Our predictions are based on a wide experience of steel consumption patterns. The econometric models we have constructed take into account raw material costs, macro-economic factors, past price trends and the dynamics of the market. However, steel prices can be influenced by a number of other factors. These include currency exchange rates, trade regulations including import safeguard measures, anti-dumping actions and other government interference in normal trade patterns. Accordingly, changes in market conditions in one country can impact on pricing in other parts of the world. Consequently, these forecasts should be used only as a guide to future tendencies.

Short Time Elevated Temperature Tensile Properties
  Temperature (°C)
Property Type 100 300 500 600 700 800 900 1000 1100
Tensile Strength (MPa) 304 510 435 410 360 245 135 75 40 20
321 525 405 380 335 265 175 100 60 25
0.2% Proof Stress (MPa) 304 220 145 125 110 95 70    
321 210 165 140 130 115 95      
Elongation (% in 50mm) 304 52 40 36 35 35 37 42 73 96
321 50 43 37 37 48 68 62 62 87

Stainless Steel plates and plates are ideal for applications where sanitation is critical or where there is a constant risk of corrosion. Stainless steel does not rust, and so it does not need protecting from moisture or chemicals in its immediate vicinity. It will not need painting or finishing, and does not easily dis-color over time. It is easy to clean and does not tend to pick up odors.

At Anson, we carry an extensive list of stainless steel price. With over a decade experiences as the trusted resource for steels pricing you can rely on us. Our sales manager are required to follow robust pricing procedures and clear-cut price specifications during their market reporting and price sessions.

Nominal Physical Properties of Stainless Steels
Density 7.9kg/M3 Mean Co-efficient of Thermal Expansion 0-100°C 17.2 um/mK
Modulus of Elasticity 193
Specific Heat Capacity 500J/kgK Melting Range 1400-1450°C
Thermal Conductivity @100°C 16.2W/mK Relative Permeability 1.02

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