500 ton A36 steel plate is sold to Dubai

500 ton A36 steel plate for buildings

  • Product: A36 steel plate
  • Length: 6000-12000mm
  • Width: 1000-4200mm
  • Thickness: 4-400mm
  • Quantity: 500 ton
  • Region: Dubai
  • Application: For steel construction and buildings
  • Date: February, 2000

Low Alloy Steel Plate for Sale

A36 Steel Plate for Slae

Steel Plate for Export

It is known to us that Dubai, the richest city in the Middle East, possesses the most famous and fabulous buildings in the world. As the new rising center of economy, trade, tourism, shopping and communication, Dubai has become one of top steel export destinations for many steel products exporters.

As early as in 2000, our sales manager spend three weeks in Dubai, and visited several real estate companies, which laid foundation to sell A36 steel plates in the coming years. Along with increasing requirement to construction and buildings, the A36, one of the most ordinary steel plates in the classification, is widely used in airports, stadiums, stations, exhibition halls, clubs and other buildings.

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