6100 ton carbon steel plate for storage tanks

6100 ton carbon steel plate export to Russia

  • Product: carbon steel plate
  • Length: 3000-12000mm
  • Width: 100-4000mm
  • Thickness: 6-300mm
  • Quantity: 6100 ton
  • Country: Russia
  • Applications: Storage tanks for oil, grain and water
  • Date: August, 2014

Carbon Steel Plate Application

Carbon Steel Plate for Storage Tanks

Carbon Steel Plate Package

When we got the 6000 ton carbon steel plate inquire at first, we didn’t believe it. It just like a one-time lottery win, which you cannot capitalize on over the long run. But we put high value to each customer, so we offered several quotations. One week later, when we gave slight hope to the client, he sent Email again for small quantity plate order. From the Email, we realized that Mr Александрworked for the Russia government, and the 6000 ton carbon steel plates for storage tanks, which were for public program. According to him, he chose us because we provide steel plates fabrication services, like rolling, cutting and weld preps and bevels, which saved much time and troubles.

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