NM500 wear resistant steel

NM500 Wear Resistant Steel Supplier

Chemical Composition (%) of NM450 Wear Resistant Steel
C Si Mn P S Cr Ni Mo Ti B ALs
0.38 0.70 1.7 0.020 0.010 1.2 1.0 0.65 0.05 0.005- 0.006 0.010 min
Mechanical Properties of NM450 Wear Resistant Steel
Property Impact test HBW
Yield Mpa Min Tensile Mpa Elongation Min J

Min 470

Thickness mm Thickness mm Degree
<70mm <=80mm % -20

NM500 is a high-strength wear-resistant steel, which has a high wear resistance, Brinell hardness value reaches 500 (HBW) mainly in the need to wear the occasion or location to provide protection to the equipment longer life, reduced maintenance brought maintenance and downtime, and the corresponding reduction of capital investments.

Heat treatment: quenching and tempering (quenching and tempering).

NM500 wear-resistant steel is widely used construction machinery, mining machinery, mining machinery, environmental protection machinery, metallurgical machinery, abrasives, bearings and other product components.

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