steel plate cutting

Flame Cutting

Steel Plate Flame Cutting Services

What Is Flame Cutting?

  • Flame cutting, using a combination of a fuel-gas and oxygen, is a commonly used method for both cutting and edge preparation of a range of steel plate qualities.

Flame Cutting Details:

  • Cutting thickness from 6mm to 270mm (dependent on material).
  • Cutting area of 22m x 5m.
  • Cutting bed area of 42 x 5m.
  • Full range of carbon and mild steels stocked in popular thicknesses.

Metals We Can Flame Cut

Material Grade / Specification Minimum (mm) Maximum (mm)
S275 JR (43A) 1.0044 6 270
S355 JR (50B) 1.0045 6 270
S355 J2G3 (50D) 1.0570 6 270
080A40 (EN8D) 1.0501 6 270
Floor Plate (e.g. Durbar) 6 12.5
Wear Plate (e.g. 400, 500 grades) 6 80
690 High Yield Steel Plate 6 180

Laser Cutting

Steel Plate Laser Cutting

What Is Laser Cutting?

Laser cutting has become an increasingly popular method of profiling sheet metals, this is due to it's high precision, impressive cut quality and high processing speeds. Laser cutting has the ability to effortlessly cut through steel, not to mention a huge variety of other materials, with a precision that is lacking in more traditional areas of profiling technology.

What Materials Can Be Laser Cut?

Materials Maximum Cutting Size: Maximum Material Thickness: Minimum Material Thickness:
Stainless Steel Plate 4mx2m 25mm 0.25mm
Carbon Steel Plate 4mx2m 20mm 0.25mm
Alloy Steel Plate 4mx2m 15mm 0.4mm

Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet Cutting for Steel Plates

Waterjet cutting has the ability to run at three different cutting speeds, each speed providing a different edge quality. It can cut almost any material in thickness up to 230mm and handle large plate up to 8.25m x 4m. Profiling tolerance +/- 0.25mm on top surface.

Waterjet Cutting Speeds and Edge Quality

Waterjet cutting has the ability to run at three different cutting speeds, each speed providing a different edge quality.

  • The fastest speed provides a rough edge quality and is the quickest, cheapest profiling method.
  • There is a medium speed which provides an middle ground edge quality.
  • The slowest speed provides a fine edge quality but is a more time consuming cutting method and therefore the more costly of the three cutting speeds.
Plasma Cutting

Plasma Cutting Fabrication for Steel Plates

High definition Plasma cutting, often regarded as an alternative to flame cutting, is perfect for profiling carbon/mild steels, aluminum and stainless steel up to 40mm thick.

Plasma Cutting Capability:

  • Cutting thickness up to 30mm
  • Carbon steels can be cut up to 40mm thick but we can only perform edge start cuts (i.e. no piercing cuts).
  • Sheet/plate size up to 12m x 5m.
  • High definition plasma machine for maximum edge squareness.
  • Full range of carbon and mild steels stock in popular thicknesses.
  • Profiling tolerance top face +/- 1.0mm.
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