BS EN10025 structural steel plate and equivalent ASTM

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S235 Structural Steel Plate

ANSON Steel offers structural steel plate that meets the European standard for structural steel. Structural steel is a standard construction material, made from specific grades of steel and formed in a range of industry standard cross-sectional shapes (or ‘Sections’). Structural steel grades are designed with specific chemical compositions and mechanical properties formulated for particular applications. We carry EN 10025-2, in grades of S235, S275, S355, S420, S690 and S890. Besides that, we also offer EN10025-3, EN10025-4, EN10025-5 and EN10025-6.

Inline with the European Standard classifications, Structural steels must be referenced using standard symbols including but not limited to: "S"235"J2’‘K2’’C’’Z’’W’’JR’’JO’’.

  • S – denotes the fact that it is Structural Steel
  • 235 – related to the minimum yield strength of the steel (tested at a thickness of 16mm)
  • J2 / K2 / JR / JO – material toughness in relation to the Charpy impact or ‘V’notch test methodology
  • W – Weathering Steel (Atmospheric Corrosion Resistant)
  • Z – Structural steel with improved strength perpendicular to the surface
  • C – Cold-formed

The EU Standard classifications are inherently not a global standard and therefore a number of corresponding grades with the same Chemical and Mechanical properties may be used in other parts of the world. For example, Structural Steels fabricated for the US market must be specified in accordance with the ASTM International guidelines and will be referenced with an ‘A’ and then the relevant Grade such as A36, A514 etc.

EN 10025 US Equivalent Grades
S235 A283C
S275 A570Gr40
S355 A572Gr50
Chemical Composition of Structural Steels - S235, S275 and S355
Grade C% Mn% P% S% Si%
S235 0.22 max 1.60 max 0.05 max 0.05 max 0.05 max
S275 0.25 max 1.60 max 0.04 max 0.05 max 0.05 max
S355 0.23 max 1.60 max 0.05 max 0.05 max 0.05 max
Yield Strength of of Structural Steel - S235, S275, S355
Structural Steel Grade at 16mm Minimum Yield Strength at nominal thickness 16mm
ksi N/mm 2 (MPa)
S235 33 000 ksi 235 N/mm 2
S275 36 000 ksi 275 N/mm 2
S355 50 000 ksi 355 N/mm 2
Tensile Strength of of Structural Steel - S235, S275, S355
Structural Steel Grade Tensile Strength MPa at Nom thickness between 3mm and 16mm
S235 360 – 510 MPa
S275 370 – 530 MPa
S355 470 – 630 MPa
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